Myths Retold and Other Lies to Tell Your Children

by Stanislav and The Lion

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Under the baobab tree, the Rhino, snorting a haughty snort and chewing, nay, grinding on a desperate mouthful of arrogance and ignorance, once again began its headlong charge at the iron tank in a thunderous cloud of pride and righteous indignation. It gave no thought to the tiny oxpecker astride it's back. That faithful companion whom, in it's labored and oft times overlooked existence, continually reminded the Rhino of their mutual cohabitant arrangement as it purged the Rhino of its many ticks, lice, and infested papule. As the Rhino stormed forward, the tank moved not a pica. The Rhino lowered it's head, gritted it's teeth, arched it's armored back, and drove it's head into the tank with all it's pomposity, cracking it's horn against the impenetrable hull and hurling the small oxpecker against the tank, killing it. The Rhino, with a mouthful of fresh insolence, staggered back to it's feet and returned to the baobab tree. As the Rhino readied itself yet again for another attack, a small oxpecker landed upon it's shoulders and began to peck at the ticks, lice and infested papule.
The Cage The dying man fell to his knees. The sun set behind him, casting long, dark shadows that carried on further than his eyes could see. Endless, endless shadow. The footsteps he left behind him were shallow, ephemeral. He scrabbled at the dirt, fingernails desperate to leave a mark. But nothing stayed. A cool breeze blew away every mark. Feeling his heart slowing, the man brought his digging fingers to his chest. He grasped, tore, and clawed at his flesh. He ripped at the sinews of muscle, cracked the cage of bone, and pulled his dying heart from his chest. With his last, gasping breaths, he buried the heart in the earth before him. The shadows from the sun finally overtook him, but he felt a lightness he had never felt before. He became the shadows, blew away with them on the breeze. Left behind in that still darkness, free from its cage, the man's heart glowed like the moon.
A toast to the king rings through the hall. At the banquet, a long table of enemies dines. The kings and queens argue with words sharp as knives. The lords and ladies fight with stories with bits of flint in their eyes. And they eat, and eat, and eat. And they drink, and drink, and drink. They consume without thought or care. Goblets of wine, slices of hot swine, and not one, not one, sees the look in their servants eyes. Their servants and their hidden smiles, their gentle lies, and their hidden wiles. Because these lowly servants know, as they pour, and pour, and pour the liquor, that kings and queens, lords and ladies are all cut down, all made corpses, by the deadly nightshade's blade. And so, says one servant to another: "Short may they live, and long may they suffer."


Over the course of self and state ordered quarantine during the covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, I found time to write a short parable. Inspired by an article on faith and the "new normal", this parable served as nucleus to the tracks presented on this evolving album. Not being confident in my singing skills, I decided that a spoken word with music project would serve my musings best. I called upon my friend Corey to provide the narration for "The Rhino" as I had been fond of her vocal tonality and found it pleasing to listen to. She turned in a shining interpretation which inspired the music that would eventually accompany it. I asked if she would be interested in working together some more and encouraged her to write as well. The fruits of our labor are presented here. Short stories, parables, poems, musings, fictional narratives, scif-fi and horrific tales. We hope you enjoy.

Gratitude to Chase G. Padusiak for the article "Inhabiting the New Normal" and to Trey Gunn and Bob Mendelson for obvious reasons.


released May 8, 2020

Stanislav and The Lion are:

Corey Stano: Vocal performance, spirit guide
Juan R Leõn: NS Stick, Stick, bass, soundscapes, other noise

Vocals recorded at Security Blanket Studios
Music recorded at Strada Sphere Studios

Cover art by Stephan Keller

Produced by Juan R Leõn

© 2020 Blue Room Music


all rights reserved



Juan R Leõn Orlando, Florida

Bassist/Stickist/Native American Flutist Juan R Leõn, co-founder of the ambient progressive Ollin, composes and performs instrumental music that weave melodies and harmonies into a rich tapestry of ambient, fusion, post rock, new age, and world while Stanislav and The Lion features Corey Stano (vox) and Leon's original compositions providing a rich tapestry for Stano's hypnotic story telling ... more

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